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16 Jul 2017

The Easiest Way to Make a Fast Cup of Coffee


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Posted By Elva J.

Feel like a zombie every morning before you've had that first cup of coffee? The problem is that when you are still half asleep, no one wants to fumble with coffee beans and a grinder. The other problem is that you want that cup of coffee fast! Also, it makes no sense to make an entire pot, when all you want is a quick cup to go. There's a simple solution that solves both of these problems: a coffee pod maker. Let's take a look at these convenient new machines and see what all of the fuss is about.

Coffee pod machines are the most popular new type of coffee maker. The first noticeable difference from a standard coffee maker is that they brew directly into your mug. These machines use coffee pods instead of a traditional filter and coffee. These are basically round tea bags filled with ground coffee. You can buy them in many different flavors such as vanilla, amaretto and hazelnut. They also come in espresso and decaf varieties. Delicious!

These machines make it simple to brew a great tasting cup of coffee. Simply fill the machine with water, toss a pod into the holder, close the lid, put your mug underneath and push the button. In just a minute you'll have a perfect cup of coffee. Cleaning up afterwards is also a snap. The coffee pod can simply be thrown into the trash bin. You no longer have to worry about washing the coffee pot or cleaning the coffee grinder.

Coffee pod makers are available from all of the major brands you may be familiar with. Braun, Tassimo, Bosch, Melitta and Keurig are just a few of the popular names. They all work in the same way, but some models may have extra features such as a milk frothing wand or timer.

Hopefully by now you can see the appeal of owning one of these coffee makers. Not only are they a breeze to use, they'll save you precious time. This is perfect for busy people who are on the run. Especially when heading out the door for work. Check them out. You'll wonder why you've waited so long to get one!


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